Dear reader,

Tourism involves both the business community and the Greenlandic population on many levels, and is as such a significant contributor to the Greenlandic economy.

Therefore the strategy is directed widely at all who work directly or indirectly with tourism, from the operators who meet the tourists directly to municipalities and administrations dealing with the framework conditions for tourism, as well as educational institutions that help to create and disseminate knowledge about the profession.

The Visit Greenland tourism strategy 2016-2019 is updating the strategy from 2012-2015 based on the new national tourism strategy in order to respond to the changes, we have observed in the tourism industry globally and domestically over the past three years. Thus the starting point of the strategy is a status of tourism today, planned framework improvements and documented trends in Greenland as well as in the international market.

The strategy gives an overview of the priorities and adjustments necessary in order for Visit Greenland to continually and effectively promote development and growth in the tourism industry over the next three years.
Enjoy reading.

Anders Stenbakken
Visit Greenland