Visit Greenland A/S, Greenland’s national tourist board which is 100% owned by the Government of Greenland, seeks a new Director. A new Director with both good managerial and innovative skills is sought for a visionary and creative company.

Visit Greenland is responsible for tourism development and marketing as well as for the presentation and branding of Greenland, and it carries out these activities in close cooperation with the entire tourism industry, regional tourism stakeholders and Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland.

A new Director is sought to begin as soon as possible.

We offer a leadership position with

  • a talented and engaged staff – with new challenges related to development within the tourism industry, where new experiences and products are currently under development and where tourism development is closely linked to large infrastructure projects in the pipeline. 

  • the potential for developing new types of marketing. 

  • many domestic and international relationships .

From a professional perspective, we expect that you

  • are able to invigorate and support, so Visit Greenland’s tourism development ideas are able to be heard, evaluated and tried, 

  • have high knowledge of and practical experience with branding and online marketing, 

  • have a high understanding of and knowledge about the Greenlandic society, its culture and its history, and 

  • understand that the mastery of Greenlandic, English and Danish at a business level gives you a clear advantage, 

  • have a higher education in a relevant field as well as a solid knowledge of leadership and finance, 

  • have a background in tourism, 

  • have experience with working in a project-based organization with project leaders, 

  • can cover daily operations, administration and finance, 

  • can organise projects and drive development and creative innovation, 

  • are extroverted, thoughtful, open and imaginative in your cooperation with local 
tourism stakeholders, municipalities, international partners as well as the decision 
makers for the tourism industry at the political and administrative level, 

  • are outreaching, communicative and thoughtful with regards to new tendencies and 
new knowledge in the industry, 

  • are able to diplomatically navigate an environment that balances a host of business 
interests on one side and politically-driven systems on the other side, both of which affect decision platforms. 

We also expect you to have the following personal qualities

  • openness to diversity, 

  • motivating and inspiring, 

  • interested in staff’s professional and personal development, 

  • creative and visionary, as well as 

  • pragmatic, with a realistic situational awareness of the tourism industry and its 


Visit Greenland

Visit Greenland’s goal is to brand and market Greenland as a tourist destination and to facilitate tourism development through cooperation with regional tourism development organisations, Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland, and, not least, with domestic and international operators.

Over the last 7 years, Visit Greenland has developed a strong communication platform with the national brand “Pioneering Nation”, which made it possible for Greenland to get on the map as an adventure destination. The company has received several tourism awards and recognitions, and it has been an active player in getting Greenland excellently placed on several lists of top destinations in the world.

Today, Visit Greenland is a well-organized and creative company with a total of 13 employees organized in a project-based manner. The headquarter office is located in Nuuk with a satellite office in Copenhagen. The company receives an annual budget from the Government of Greenland, plus it enters into various cooperative agreements that also provide external funding.

Strategic Goals

Now that Greenland has an established brand with an established position as an adventure destination, the natural starting point for the new Director would be to take the next steps toward the sustainable development of tourism in Greenland while, of course, taking into account the national tourism strategy 2016-2020, Visit Greenland’s company strategy 2016- 2019 and the “Pioneering Nation” national brand.

Greenland’s greater visibility can already be seen in the increased air transportation from Iceland as well as the breadth of the markets that send tourists to Greenland. Our tourism industry is no longer based on one single market. Instead, today we are receiving tourists from all over the world. Based on the level of interest and the sheer volume from individual markets, 5 primary markets have been strategically selected: Denmark, Germany, USA, France and Great Britain.


Support of New Infrastructure

With the decision to create new infrastructure via new airports comes the related improvement of roads and harbours to increase overall accessibility directly to the destinations. The new Director at Visit Greenland will have the distinct task of maintaining and increasing the continued growth in tourism via regional brands, regional partnerships and competence development. It is expected that the new Director will create strong partnerships with domestic and international stakeholders alike in order to take full advantage of the new infrastructure.


New Tourists – New Needs

Tourism is growing on both the regional and global scale, and more and more tourists seek exotic and “off the beaten track” destinations, of which Greenland is one. New tourists from new markets have new needs. It is therefore clearly a central task for the company and for the new Director to focus on developing the competencies within the industry to continually lift the level of professionalism in Greenland. In doing so, the new potentials can be fully taken advantage of, and we can ensure a sustainable tourism development method. With more tourists and new business partners comes also a need for increased focus on implementing quality standards and safety management in the industry. Visit Greenland expects to take a leading role with this work. 


Sustainable Tourism

In order to ensure sustainable tourism development, the new Director must cooperate with the municipalities to qualify the existing regional tourism strategies. Together, they must adapt the strategies to the new infrastructural developments and base them upon the particular region’s strengths and unique selling points. They must also focus specifically on seasonal development in each region, all the while incorporating the regional sub-brand in all profiling and products.


Develop, Lead and Adapt the Organisation

The new Director is expected to be visionary based upon a highly professional integrity, which will ensure that a focus on strategic goals and actions is maintained.

Visit Greenland’s staff is dedicated, creative and talented. It is expected that the new Director will utilize and adapt the company’s resources as optimally as possible in a flat project-oriented organization and will lead the staff in a motivating and inspiring manner.

In addition to being responsible for driving a publically-owned limited company, the Director is expected to designate and communicate clear strategic goals for the company, to be carried out in open cooperation with both domestic and international stakeholders.

The Director is expected to be able to navigate an exciting and challenging environment characterized by many different interests and types of cooperative partners, both from a business and political perspective.


Employment location: The Director is based in the headquarter office in Nuuk.


Application Deadline

For further details, please contact Board of Directors Chairman, Kenneth Høegh, by telephone at +299 565604.

The application deadline is Thursday, 21 September 2017 at 12:00 West Greenlandic time.

Applications should be sent to Visit Greenland at