Cruising Greenland

100 percent adventure
Greenland is the world's largest island with a population of only 56,500 inhabitants, distributed among 17 towns and some 60 settlements, none of which are connected by roads. This makes Greenland a different cruise destination, where genuine experiences by far outweigh more traditional cruise port services.

Even though the size of local ports limits facilities, the small communities, magnificent scenery and hospitable population is guaranteed to make your visit Greenland truly original and memorable - and adventure in fact!

Greenland is Remote yet Accessible
Most people imagine Greenland being a destination far, far away. And indeed many people travel to the top of the world to discover unbeaten paths on the roof of our planet. But in reality, when it comes to travelling distances Greenland is at the heart of the North Atlantic and the Arctic and is easily accessible from Europe and North America.

Greenland is Distinct and Genuine
Greenland is a destination containing the qualities in demand by today's cruising world: Distinctiveness in nature and culture, unique scenery, a vivid local culture, fascinating wildlife, an exclusive realm of pure experience shared only by a very select group of people.

Combining Destinations
Greenland is ideally situated halfway between Iceland and North America, and is the obvious inclusion to a North Atlantic cruise. Offering nature and culture so different from other destinations in the region, Greenland will help perfect your itinerary.

You may also want to combine Greenland with Iceland, the Faroe Islands and/or Arctic Canada for the tour to be designed with a particular theme in view, e.g. the history of Eric the Red or Leif Ericsson and the Norse (Vikings), or the nature, life and cultures of the North Atlantic.

Unique Arctic Nature
Greenland embodies the very concept of the Arctic, making it the natural Northern Atlantic destination for cruise operators. The interior is formed by an enormous ice cap, second only to the ice cap of the Antarctic. Recently the Ilulissat Icefjord was proclaimed a World Heritage site due to its exceptional qualities. Situated practically en route from Europe to North America, Greenland offers easy access to a genuine Arctic experience.

Midnight Sun and Icebergs
Towering icebergs aglow in the midnight sun are hallmarks of our nature and can be experienced only at a very few other remote spots around the world.

A Safe Destination
Greenland and the North Atlantic are safe places to travel. Along with the fact that all airports and harbors conform to international Security Regulations, Greenlanders are well-known for their peaceful manners in a country that has never been engaged in warfare.