Recipe for a Succesful Call

The call of a cruise ship to a Greenland port is always a welcome and happy occasion. Locals find both the ships and their passengers interesting. However in order to make your call truly successful it is important that ship, incoming agency, port agent and local authorities work in close collaboration.

In Greenland, towns and settlements are small - even the capital Nuuk has no more than 15,000 inhabitants. It is important to realize, that in many settlements it is a substantial part of the population who are involved when a cruise ship arrives. Local capacity is often stretched to its limits in order to service you and your passengers. It is necessary to take this into consideration when planning the duration of your call. A few extra hours in port may be just that, which turns your call into a rich experience for all your passengers.

Therefore it is also crucial, that the local destination is informed of your call well in advance, either directly or through your incoming agent, in order to advise you regarding logistics and possibilities. Even more important is subsequent and continuous information on deviations from schedule, as this often implies huge logistical challenges to the local organizers.

The better the local organizers are informed, the better they can prepare to make your call memorable. Also make sure, that information from the local organizers on possible program changes or practical information is channelled to the right persons onboard, so your passengers may also be well prepared for the call.

If you do not cooperate with a port agent in Greenland, please advise Visit Greenland in advance about your calls to Greenlandic ports by writing an email to:

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