Meetings, incentives, conferences and events in Greenland

There are lots of good reasons to lift an event above the usual framework. Pure energy for finding new ideas is released when the bonds of fixed routines are challenged. Perceptions of life and relations take on a special character.

More and more companies and organisations are choosing Greenland as a venue for arrangements where something extraspecial is required. Management seminars, network conferences, incentive arrangements for leading customers, teambuilding for key personnel - or something completely different.

The quality of nature in Greenland is world class. There can be no doubt that lots of meetings and conferences are especially successful thanks to the Greenlandic cocktail of the sophisticated and the simple, the comfortable and the tough, the warm and the cold.

It ought to be easy enough to make the sums work, and where it is not this is because many people have an idea that Greenland is both expensive and difficult to get to.

But in fact, Greenland is well within reach. Both in terms of economics and time. A great deal depends on where the arrangement is to be held and how many and what kind of activities there are. A thrilling programme can be put together where everything is simply first class. Or it is equally possible to put together a full and exciting schedule while keeping the costs relatively modest.

We are looking forward to hosting lots of exciting new meetings, courses and conferences.