Katuaq means drumstick in Greenlandic, but is also the name of Greenland's house of culture in the country's capital, Nuuk. The design of the beautiful building was inspired by the northern lights. Since its opening in 1997, the building has been the venue for a wide range of diverse activities and exhibitions aimed at both the local population and visitors from outside the country. The building has a café and cinema that are both very popular. Katuaq has also been designed such that it can be converted to facilitate different activities. It consists of a large hall, a small hall and a café that are shaped as a semicircle, a rectangle and a triangle respectively.

Greenland's house of culture gives you a unique opportunity to combine the professional purpose of your visit with the delights of the surrounding scenery and artistic attractions in the midst of a modern Arctic society. Katuaq's rooms are spacious and flexible, thus enabling small meetings or even major conferences catering for up to 500 guests to be held. Katuaq has a crew of technicians with extensive experience of sound and light systems, in addition to its service-minded staff and fantastic kitchen.

Nuuk is a small metropolis in the Arctic where modern life and traditional customs are intertwined, which is also reflected in the people you meet on the street: It isn't unusual to see a hunter with a rifle slung over his shoulder walking past young college students drinking a café latte and speaking animatedly into a mobile phone.

Tours of the town and the fantastic fjord system around Nuuk can be organised with local tour operators, thus giving an extra dimension to the professional side of your stay.

Café & Conference manager:
konference@katuaq.gl or +299 55 46 20

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