We caught up with one of the Keynote Speakers and one of the founding members of the Transformational Travel Council, Michael Bennett, Ed.D., to get a bit of insight into where his travel career began and what he is anticipating most about visiting the three west nordic lands for Vestnorden Travel Mart.

To hear the full story, book an appointment with Michael who is registered as a Buyer under Transformational Travel Council.

Read the interview below.

To hear the full story, book an appointment with Michael.

Visit Greenland: In a nutshell, what is transformational travel?

Michael Bennett: In a word: a catalyst. It is a trip, an experience, which has so profound an impact on a person that it ignites some fire inside and sets into motion a domino effect of changes in their whole being.


VG: Tell us how the Transformational Travel Council came to be.

MB: We are four founders - two of whom knew each other from way back. Then I got introduced to them, and finally we met Jake - the other Keynote Speaker - in 2014. From there, we have been talking about the concept of transformational travel and theorising about it constantly. But ultimately it was the opportunity to lead a panel at the Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Anchorage which led us to formally start. It was a great platform to get the message out to the adventure community.


VG: Without having yet been to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, what do you sense is transformational about our destinations?

MB: I think mostly it is going to be about the sense of community and orienting the people in the place. In all three places, there just seems to be this strong sense of honouring the past while still creating a future; it is timeless. Not to mention, just being amongst the impressive nature and experiencing solitude and perhaps harshness is a good way to remind oneself that you are just one single person, trying to make a little dent in the world. It gives perspective


VG: We have to ask. What’s with the Doctorate degree?

MB: I was working in higher education doing recruiting for a small college when I actually got recruited myself to Pepperdine’s Global Business program. It was after graduating from there and doing educational development that I was suggested to go for the Ph.D. in Education and that is actually when I really got into experiential learning and transformation.


VG: What are you looking forward to most about Vestnorden Travel Mart?

MB: I am so excited to share the concept of transformational travel with others, but I am also looking forward to learning back from them, too.