The Branding Timeline

Branding work in South Greenland has been several years in the making. What started as simple ideas of what South Greenland represents, eventually developed into the core values of a brand. Local stakeholders workshopped to formulate these values into a cohesive brand for the entire region: Explorers by Nature.

In a nutshell, the brand is about the character of the people. They stand at the center of several contrasts - sheep farmers versus hunters and fishermen, the Greenland Ice Sheet versus the sea ice and the ocean, Norse versus Inuit. All these juxtapositions ultimately make South Greenlanders curious and open, experimental and multi-talented.


Working with international media partners is a strategic way to capitalise on their reach and reputations, which is much broader than our own. As social media platforms are a key element to Visit Greenland’s marketing efforts, we choose those media who also value social platforms.

We prepare all sponsored media with information about relevant hashtags and handles so that they can co-create content which supports the local operators and brand, such as #ExplorersByNature.


Photographer Stacy William Head of Sentinel Photography, professional Instagrammer Alistair Horne and writer Clay Abney of The Manual all worked together to capture the essence of South Greenland and the landscape that inspires one’s exploratory spirit.

Between 30 Instagram posts, their content has received over 99.000 likes. But there were two clear ‘winning shots’. The first, by @sentinelphotography, was shared by @awesomeglobe and received over 16.000 likes alone. The second, a serene capture of a small house in Qassiarsuk by @ali.horne, got close to 11.000 likes.

Clay Abney’s piece in the online channel The Manual will go live later this year.

Are you media interested in a partially sponsored trip to Greenland, or do you just want to know more?

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