New cabin design

The Airbus 330-200’s cabin has received a makeover with a touch of soul. A Greenlandic soul, to be specific which can be experienced through the lighting, the food, and even the music as you enter the plane.

Perhaps you can feel the new character most distinctly via the introduction of a beautiful Greenlandic myth design created by Nuuk-based animator Christian Rex. The myth element is painted on the cabin walls, and is also imprinted on all cups, napkins and the airline’s new snack and food bags.

Watch this animation to get a feel of the spirit and the story of the Mother of the Sea.

New mood lighting and music will recreate the experience of Greenland’s beautiful icy scenery, reflecting colours from turquoise blue icebergs to yellow-orange sunrises and sunsets.

Furthermore, the carpet on board will be replaced and the harnesses, tables, armrests and footrests will all be checked and upgraded if necessary.


Enjoy In Flight Entertainment

A new In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system has been installed on business class, giving access to movies, games, music, cartoons, tax free and much more. A special section about Greenland with inspiration and tips to experience our beautiful country has also been developed for viewing pleasure.

The new system will be available on economy class during 2018.

The local experience begins upon departure!

So next time you or your clients fly to Greenland, their local experience already begins on the plane. Feedback or questions? Write to