Greenland struts its adventure stuff

Greenland is known for being a remote and wild destination with a strong focus on outdoor activities, whether that be day hikes or dog sledding. And that is exactly what we aimed to highlight when we upped the adventure ante as host for VNTM 2017.

This year, we offered five very diverse pre-tours for buyers instead of just one - which amounted to one in every region. We also opted for an activity-based networking afternoon in lieu of another half day of formal meetings. From a list of 19 possible choices, every single participant picked the one cultural tour or outdoor adventure that suited them best. Everyone bonded over a shared interest.

Read more about how VNTM 2017 was inspired by the annual Adventure Travel World Summit.

Record Representation of Greenland

For the first time in the history of Vestnorden Travel Mart, there were more participants representing Greenland than there were of Iceland. 39 operators from every region of Greenland, plus a few based in Denmark, proudly welcomed all the VNTM participants on their home turf.

Participants’ Feedback

The majority of participants were satisfied with Vestnorden Travel Mart and reported that it met their expectations. For one quarter of the participants, the event actually exceeded their expectations. Additionally, 94% of participants were positive or extremely positive about holding the event in Nuuk, even despite there were some transport delays.

“VNTM is a fantastic event. In a mere day and a half, I learned a lot about Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands. I met so many suppliers in just a day, which might have otherwise taken me a few years to find on my own. It’s definitely a must-attend event for all tourism buyers for these countries,” said one buyer.

Another said, “Personally, I think the program is perfectly balanced between networking, entertainment, getting to know the area and even having some spare time. I found this very valuable.”

Constructive feedback was also received, which of course will be taken into account for next year and further into the future. In particular, the decision to cut the business meetings to one day, instead of a day and a half, was met with mixed reviews.

Powerful partners

We would like to take one final opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to Vestnorden Travel Mart this year.

In Nuuk, Visit Greenland and Z Meetings were the primary planning powerhouse while the regional offices of Qaasuitsup Municipality, Arctic Circle Business, Sermersooq Business Council, Destination South Greenland and Destination East Greenland contributed with the five pre-tours offers.

Over on the other island nations, the Faroe Islands and Iceland steered their own post-tour trips.

Hotel Hans Egede, Inussivik and Katuaq - Greenland Culture Centre shouldered the load of conference activities, while 19 different local operators in Nuuk sponsored Colourful Nuuk Adventure opportunities. Four hotels plus the Arctic Umiaq Line ferry provided accommodations in Nuuk.

An enthusiastic team of tourism students from Campus Kujalleq in South Greenland flew up to be much-needed extra staff hands.

Air Greenland, Air Iceland Connect and Atlantic Airways contributed with flights criss-crossing all over the country and the North Atlantic to get people to and fro the conference and pre- and post-tours.

Finally, a thank you goes out to additional supportive sponsors we have not yet mentioned - Sermersooq Municipality, Bank of Greenland and Tele Greenland.