"The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) is a conference where Greenland belongs"

At home in the adventure travel tribe

Visit Greenland is sponsoring 5 Greenlandic tour operators membership to the Adventure Travel Trade Association and attendance to the 2016 Adventure Travel World Summit in Alaska.

The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) is a conference where Greenland belongs. Alongside its adventure destination brethren like Patagonia, Namibia, and Norway, to name a few, Greenland can proudly showcase its truly adventurous possibilities like fat biking on the Arctic Circle Trail, ice climbing near the Ilulissat Icefjord, farm holidays in South Greenland, mountain climbing outside of Nuuk, and kayaking in Sermilik Fjord.

The best part is, all of the buyer delegates are looking for new products and are interested in exactly the high level of physical activity and cultural interaction that our experiences offer. Building direct relationships with these high potential international partners is crucial to increasing Greenland’s visibility in key markets.

Capitalising on Arctic focus

From 19-22 September 2016, ATWS will be held in Alaska - not only one of our fellow adventure travel destinations but also one of our fellow Arctic destinations. In anticipation of the direct focus on Arctic travel that the conference will take, we wanted to ensure that Greenland is well-represented by a group of local tour operators from all over the country.

Additionally, the conference typically draws half of all delegates from the host country, which answers to approximately 350 American buyers, media, and travel experts. Given that North America is a top priority market for Greenland in the 2016-2019 tourism strategy, boosting Greenland’s presence at ATWS 2016 is perfectly timed.

Robust Greenlandic presence

Visit Greenland welcomed applications in autumn and chose the following 5 local tour operators to receive sponsorship from Visit Greenland to become members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and to attend the Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Alaska.

Jon Krogh - Touring Greenland

Kattie Nielsen - Igdlo Travel

Marc Carreras - PGI Greenland

Martin Bo Hansen - World of Greenland

Pitsi Høegh - Greenland Sagalands

And, for the 10th consecutive year, Visit Greenland will also attend ATWS, this year represented by Lykke Geisler Yakaboylu and Sarah Woodall.

Will you be attending ATWS 2016 in Alaska?

Find Greenlandic tour operators at Marketplace and throughout the conference. We can’t wait to see how many new adventure tourism partnerships take root.


To parallel these efforts of facilitating networking for our domestic partners, Visit Greenland made a similar arrangement with ATTA to sponsor international tour operators’ membership and attendance at ATWS 2016. In exchange for this partnership with ATTA, Greenland’s visibility is increased further through logo inclusion in official conference materials before and during the event, a short presentation about adventure travel in Greenland during the conference, and the ability to place small branded merchandise in a welcome bag which all 700 delegates receive.

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