Every time your guests buy souvenirs - or even a dinner at a local cafe - while on holiday in Greenland, they are supporting the local economy. As a travel planner outside of Greenland, you can also facilitate those good effects by working directly with local operators to incorporate their tours into the programs you design.


Throughout all five regions of Greenland there are upwards of 65 local operators offering everything from daytime multi-day kayaking trips to daytime sailing excursions to remote cabin stays to horseback riding.


While it might take a bit more communication on your end to coordinate with a handful of local tour providers instead of using one consolidator, which might not even be located in Greenland, you can have the good conscience that you are contributing to the Greenlandic tourism industry in a highly sustainable way.



Did you know you can find an extensive list of all the local operators via Visit Greenland’s corporate website?


Let’s say you are planning to start promoting trips to Aasiaat and need to find out who the local operators are. Use the Corporate Search function to filter by town to find contact information for everything from museums to tour providers to hotels. It is also possible to filter by business type.



Would you like a bit of personal advice on which local operators would be best suited for your company and guests?


Or maybe you like to hear about the possibilities to meet them face-to-face through a sponsored familiarization trip in Greenland or at trade shows like Vestnorden Travel Mart?


Then please write to us at b2b@greenland.com.