In 2018 Visit Greenland has continued our work within the key areas; market development, visibility, season extension, framework conditions and statistics and documentation. Thus the work to turn tourism into a sustainable business pillar in Greenland continues in cooperation with the Greenland Self-Government and the many partners of Visit Greenland.


The five highlights were:  


Cooperation with the Regions

 This year Visit Greenland invited the destination organizationsand coordinators of the regions to the first network meeting, and we came away from this meeting with far greater knowledge on how to cooperate more on visibility and market development.  

Vestnorden 2018

 Vestnorden Travel Mart in Akureyri saw a record breaking attendance of tourism operators from Greenland and at the stalls everyone was busy selling Greenland as a travel destination.

Towards more Tourism 2018

 In November Visit Greenland and Air Greenland hosted all of the Greenlandic tourism industry at a conference that focused on discussing how the tourism operators want the Greenlandic tourism to be developed. The main topics were responsible tourism, innovation and growth, and the conference ended with 11 clear recommendations to policy makers on a sustainable development of the tourism.

On Airports and Runways

 In November Inatsisartut decided to extend the runways in Ilulissat and Nuuk and establish a new regional airport in Qaqortoq. The accessibility of Greenland as a tourist destination will be considerably increased from 2023 much to the delight of Visit Greenland.


Increased Interest in Greenland

 Visit Greenland experiences an increasing interest in Greenland from agents and press alike, and Greenland has gotten good coverage in international newspapers and magazines with the help of Visit Greenland. This result has also been brought on by our good and continued cooperation with the airlines Air Greenland and Air Iceland Connect and the tourism operators of the regions.


Visit Greenland hope to continue our good cooperation and would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Best Regards,

Julia Pars

Managing Director

Visit Greenland