A hashtag campaign on #ColourfulNuuk

This summer Sermersooq Business Council and Visit Greenland have focused on using social media to brand Colourful Nuuk as a summer destination for travellers with a focus on urban culture and nature.

1) generating international brand awareness and gathering international perspectives of the town; 2) encouraging locals and tourists to adopt the hashtag and create user generated content.

A hashtag campaign promoting the ‘Colourful Nuuk’ brand for the capital of Greenland was launched during the month of June, the first of its kind for tourism in the country. Local citizens of Nuuk were encouraged to claim ownership of their city branding and show the diversity of Nuuk through hashtagging #ColourfulNuuk images on their personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. A dedicated pool of around 300 people contributed 1500 photos featuring everything from lifestyle to nature and tourist activities available in town.

  • 33,000 users engaged by liking and sharing during the campaign.
    Visit Greenland’s @Ilovegreenland Instagram account experienced the most growth during the campaign, increasing its followers by 7%, and catching the attention of 52,170 international and domestic users.
  • For all passengers coming to and from Greenland and Iceland during June, they were provided with a postage-paid postcard sponsored by TELE-POST encouraging them to ‘Share your #ColourfulNuuk’ with their personal networks. 800 postcards were distributed. 
  • In August, the national grocery store Pisiffik will also brand their plastic bags with #ColourfulNuuk images

"The images have been incorporated into our website Greenland.com


“The campaign directly expands the city-brand ‘Colourful Nuuk’ by engaging the citizens of Nuuk, who play a part in creating a wide and culturally colourful profile of the city. The images have been incorporated into our website Greenland.com

  • The contest answers indicated interest in tourist products related to Nuuk city culture, Greenlandic cuisine and nature activities such as kayaking, midnight sun and hiking.
  • After his trip Daniel posted 17 photos from Nuuk on Instagram from July 11-18th, 2015, amassing a total of 3788 likes, at an average 237 likes per photo. During that week there was an increase in followers by 4.4%.
  • 25 of Gurrola’s images are also uploaded to Flickr under Visit Greenland’s Limited Commercial License which allows for use by a wide range of third parties.

International #ColourfulNuuk ambassador

During a week in May, a campaign was created where followers of the @ilovegreenland Facebook page could have a chance to win a trip to be Nuuk’s next #ColourfulNuuk social media ambassador during June, in collaboration with Air Iceland and Inuk Hostels. They had to answer the question, ‘If you had a long weekend in #ColourfulNuuk, what would you do?’.

The competition attracted 18,800 international viewers, and 326 entries were received. Most entries came from Denmark and the USA. The winner, Daniel Gurrola (@racas04), was an American citizen living in the United Kingdom, selected for his Instagram network, photography skills and cultural fascination with Greenland.


These different actions contribute to the overall branding and increases domestic and international awareness of Nuuk as a tourist destination. Besides producing user-generated content which is now integrated into Visit Greenland’s website, the campaigns allowed the National Tourist Board to gain insight about travel dreams tourists had about Nuuk and what Greenlanders themselves thought could be offered. These insights can be used to help develop FAM trips, tourist products and marketing tools for the development of tourism in Greenland.

These insights can be used to help develop FAM trips, tourist products and marketing tools for the development of tourism in Greenland.