They are known as Anders and Anders, and for the past seven years they have steered Visit Greenland from the helm as Director and Deputy Director.

The time has come for the pair to move onto new challenges but in the meantime thought we’d ask them a few questions about their time here.

How long have you worked at Visit Greenland?

Stenbakken: By the time I finish this summer, I will have been director of Visit Greenland for 7.5 years.

La Cour: When I started in the Tourist Board it was called Greenland Tourism and later Greenland Tourism & Business Council. In total I will have worked here - in different positions - for 15 1/2 years when I finish in August.


Proudest VG achievement?

Stenbakken: I am most proud of the synergy Visit Greenland has created between the brand Pioneering Nation, segmentation and statistic and documentation. All three elements have formed the groundwork for our further work. This work has helped us to prioritise and clarify our strategic goals.

La Cour: Difficult to say. I am very proud to have played a key role in the turning of the Tourist Board into the creative, innovative and informal organization we have today, working together on achieving the same goals. I am also proud to have been key in developing and creating focus on cruise tourism in Greenland. Both among operators and the public administration. Lastly I am proud of my role in improving our knowledge of tourists in Greenland, both through the departure registration and our segmentation work.


Any memorable moments?

La Cour: I think the launch of the Pioneering Nation brand was a truly important and special moment. I deeply identified with the brand, and am glad that we could present an image of this country that was inclusive rather than exclusive. What has VG taught you?

Stenbakken: Tourism is a very broad area of work and VG is a very small company with minimal resources. I have learnt that if results are to be created within this framework, it is necessary to have the right employees and to prioritise certain projects particularly high - and not to say yes to all ideas (even if they sound exciting).


Where are you off to?

Stenbakken: I begin as Marketing Manager for KNI. I will build a branding and marketing department, and there is much of the work, which we developed in VG that I think, can be used in KNI. It is a company that has had a crucial role for the Greenlandic community, and I look forward to developing a strong image for KNI.

La Cour: I will be starting as Chief Analyst at Air Greenland. I greatly look forward to getting a new, and maybe more practical and concrete perspective on tourism development and putting my skills to use in the market development for our national airline.


On behalf of us all, we say thank you to Anders and Anders for your contribution to society through your work with Visit Greenland!