The Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Embassy in Beijing has opened up a fast track visa application for Chinese citizens who want to visit Greenland. Where it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get a visa to Denmark, including Greenland and Schengen countries, it only takes three days.


If you, as a Greenlandic tourist operator wish to benefit from the so-called ADS arrangement, you must apply to be accredited with the Danish Immigration Service. As an accredited Greenlandic operator, you can enter into cooperation with accredited Chinese travel agencies, in order for your customers to benefit from the fast track visa application. Read more about the arrangement at

For accreditation, write to with CC:, and list your company name, address, website and how long the company has existed and that would like to be accredited to the ADS arrangement. You will then receive an email with some questions. Once they are answered, it may take some weeks before you get to know if you have been accredited to the ADS arrangement. For further information, please contact