About Visit Greenland's Flickr Database

Visit Greenland’s Flickr archive has now been upgraded with a better format and structure, making it considerably easier to go through more than 3000 photos that have been collected in the database.

The Flickr archive on www.flickr.com/photos/ilovegreenland is nationwide, and a common resource for the adventure and tourism industry, both within and outside of Greenland. The archive makes it easier to create, and combine, visual accounts on the basis of free accessible photos.  

It is now easier to go through the more than 3000 photos

The photos are organized in albums whose names match the menu selections

New Album Organization

Visit Greenland has throughout 2014 continued to develop and improve the platform making it easier to search through and more manageable than previously.  

We have done this by collecting the photos in a series of  ”albums” (see photo below); each one following the main structure of the re-launched greenland.com website. In this way, the different album categories on Flickr are consistent with the menu structure on greenland.com.

As a user you will be able to find photo albums for all the activities listed on greenland.com, as well as for the destinations, Big Arctic Five, and sections of the website “About Greenland”, which have all been provided their own albums with pertinent photos in the Flickr database.

New Photo Tagging System

Furthermore, we have updated all the photos in the database with new and better ”tags”. Tags are little keywords that are written on each photo in Flickr, allowing users an easier search for photos when tags are entered into the platform’s search field.  

This makes it easier to find all applicable photos on for example East Greenland, kayaking, reindeer, heliskiing et al, because the photos have now been tagged more accurately and logically, in relation to the categories that we normally use to describe activities, places and so forth.

You can see an overview of all the tags in our Flickr database on www.flickr.com/photos/ilovegreenland/tags. In the Flickr search field at the top right-hand corner on the site, you can search the entire ILoveGreenland database using your own keywords.

Tags are little keywords that are written on each photo in Flickr

Tags used in Flickr are exclusively in English

A Few Useful Notes

However, it is significant to be aware of three things which may improve the experience of searching for photos on Flickr.

The first thing is to realize that it is beneficial to be aware of the categories we use when classifying key tags on the website and in the Flickr database. The more one uses descriptions of activities such as hiking or boat tours, or names of places such as Tasiilaq or Oqaatsut the closer you are to the keywords tagged in the database.

The second thing to remember is that all the tags used in Flickr are exclusively in English. The task of creating tags in different languages, currently proved too cumbersome to implement in an easy manner. 

The third thing to be aware of is how to use the search field in Flickr correctly. We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that for every search you conduct, you should be mindful to specifically choose the greenland_com database and not all of Flickr (see photo below), or you otherwise may be shown photos that you are not entitled to use.   

The pictures under this text demonstrate how a search is conducted and how you may choose the correct search function - “Your Photostream” – from the drop-down menu in the search field.

When searching in Flickr, be mindful to specifically choose greenland_com's Photostream (and not Everyone's Uploads).

Send us some feedback to photos@greenland.com.

License of Use

Lastly, we would just like to remind you of the basic terms for use of the database - that you as a user, read and understand the license attached to each photo, and that you abide by the basic requirements of crediting each and all images used.   

Have fun using the archive and please send us some feedback to photos@greenland.com.