Google Street View - a method of photographing cities and places - has been visiting Greenland last year with a 'trekker'.

With a few mouse clicks the netsurfers of the world can walk a virtual tour of Tasiusaq in South Greenland, or drive around in Nuuk, Tasiilaq or visit other beautiful places in Greenland. All this because of Google and their familiar Google Street View - a method of photographing cities and places - which has been visiting Greenland last year with a 'trekker'. The Trekker is a mobile camera system with 15 lenses that shoot in all directions.
The images have come to live thanks to Asiaq in a coordinated operation with Visit Greenland, collecting many kilometers of images from cities and settlements visited over the last summer. As of today, Google has made the images available online on Google Street View.

Mapping Streets is world popular

In recent years Google Street View has become one of the most popular services on the Internet. For the individual user Google Street View is a real experience - like being there yourself - between the houses, and one can spent joyful hours just looking around, discovering new details.

- With a few clicks you get a clear sense of the entire city or settlement and you get to see exactly how the house, where you are invited to coffee, looks like, as Eva Mätzler from Asiaq puts it.

- From Google, we know that one in five searches lead to a user looking at maps and pictures from a specific place, so a partnership with Google was obvious. Asiaq and Visit Greenland has utilized planned field trips in Greenland to record the images for Google Street View, she continues.

Will Greenland in its entirety become covered by Google Street View?

No - The area is too large, so Google rates on residential and special interest areas. They must be collected from volunteers or others who have an interest in showing the areas.

Will there be more Greenlandic locations available?

Within a few months additional sites with settlements, indoor places and itineraries will be released. In the long term it is not certain that all inhabited places will be covered. Partly because Asiaq needs to have field activities funded by projects and not as previously by fixed budget appropriations. In addition, Google will need to use their equipment elsewhere in the world, so their interest depends also on there being enough users of the Greenland data.

Win-win for Greenland

From a Visit Greenland perspective, this project partnership, which is expected to continue into 2015  with several towns and settlements visited, has been a clear win-win opportunity according to the company's CEO, Anders Stenbakken.

- For Internet users, for Greenland and for Google it is at joint success. Visit Greenland must make more tourists interested in Greenland, and since Google is currently the primary initial search site for most Internet users, we are of course interested as much useful information as possible about the country on the web, he says.

Google Maps aims to build the most accurate, useful and comprehensive map of the world, and adding Street View imagery for people to explore and enjoy is an essential part of that process. Globally Greenland is of particular interest because of the open landscape and the climatic significance, so Google has been keen on getting more quality information about Greenland, says the two greenlandic companies in unison.