Last autumn, Visit Greenland came home from Adventure Travel World Summit 2015 in Chile with a grand vision of having Greenland represented by more delegates than ever before at this year’s Summit in Alaska.

 Through a unique sponsorship from Visit Greenland, five Greenland representatives were able to attend Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Alaska, and an additional six representatives attended independently. Everywhere you turned, there was a black and white Bibi Chemnitz “Greenland” sweatshirt creating a buzz.


The adventure travel tribe was 11 delegates richer with the following Greenland representatives: 

Air Greenland - Anika Krogh

Albatros Travel - Malik Milfeldt

Albatros Travel - Søren Frederiksen

Arctic Incoming - Anette Lings

Arctic Nomad - Jon Krogh

Arctic Nomad - Thure Baastrup

Greenland Adventures by Icelandic Mountain Guides - Ella Grødem

Sirius Greenland - Bo Lings

Visit Greenland - Lykke Geisler Yakaboylu

Visit Greenland - Sarah Woodall

World of Greenland - Martin Bo Hansen

Team Greenland was visible in a number of ways at The Summit, including: holding pre-scheduled Marketplace appointments on Day 2, manning the Greenland gathering table that stood in the exhibit hall throughout the conference, participating in small-group pre-summit adventures, and standing on stage following a short destination presentation by Lykke Yakaboylu on Day 3.


Adventure Travel World Summit 2017 will be held in Salta, Argentina from 16-19 October, and all of the Greenland delegates have expressed excitement to participate next year based on the success of this year.

Please let us know if you’d like to join Team Greenland at ATWS 2017 in Salta.

Read more about Adventure Travel in Greenland.


What distinguishes Adventure Travel World Summit from other conferences we attend is the amount of inspiration absorbed. It is so much, in fact, that the closing keynote is usually wise words on how to pick just one or two big takeaways and realistically carry them forward to real life. Here are our two most memorable elements.

Transformational travel - In a breakout session led by the four founders of the Transformational Travel Collaborative, we learned that people often travel because they no longer feel like themselves at home, and so they venture out to fuel a transformation through adventures and meaningful experiences. When they return home, their transformation begins.

Nearly all of the Greenland delegates participated in this session, and we all agreed that Greenland suited this motivation of travel perfectly, as it aligns with the principles of slow travel, being mindful, and connecting.

Storytelling as marketing - In a keynote speech by Caroline Pemberton, an acclaimed Australian filmmaker, we learned that storytelling through short films is a far more effective marketing tool than simply telling what the destination has to offer. These films should be expressive and speak to the emotions of travelers - either literally through compelling narration or through carefully selected music. Read more storytelling tips from adventure media


"Some intense and productive days! As a first-time participant, we were especially happy to see that Greenland is absolutely on the adventure segment’s radar. We look forward to the next ATWS and participating in Marketplace." - Søren Frederiksen, Sales Director at Albatros Travel


"We have taken so much home with us from Alaska as a destination. It is impressive to see the supply and quality of experiences, not to mention the amount of communal contribution, investments from authorities, and training level. It was also interesting to see that they have similar challenges as us in Greenland, like seasonality." - Anette & Bo Lings, Arctic Incoming / Sirius Greenland


"As an adventure forum, ATWS has huge value for us as it is perfectly in line with our brand, products, and target clients. We came back from Alaska with new important contacts and with a lot of inspiration and ideas about how to develop our Greenland offers to live up to all the requests." - Ella Grødem, Greenland Adventures by Icelandic Mountain Guides


"It was my first Summit, and I was surprised by the friendly atmosphere and common goal in trying to reach new and better standards in the entire tourism industry. Sustainability, local engagement and being as eco-friendly as possible are keywords and ideas that I bring home with me to Greenland. Together we can reach even high Summits." - Martin Bo Hansen, World of Greenland


With our new in-house videographer, Visit Greenland is excited to create this type of meaningful stories. If anyone is interested to partner to tell the story of your brand, contact Aningaaq Carlsen at aningaaq@greenland.com.