Google introduced in April, a brand-new version of Google Earth on the web and Android. The new Earth has major visual and functional upgrades two years in the making, which according to Google ‘allow you to see the world and learn about how it all fits together.’


One of the features is the Home Project, which enables you to zoom all the way in from outer space and enter people’s homes virtually on every corner of the earth. It is Malene Egede from Igaliku, South Greenland, who is the star of this story. The story and images reveals what life is like in an isolated sheep farm area in Southern Greenland.


This is a spin-off to the Google Street View project, and Asiaq and Visit Greenland are proud to be part of this launch.


Anders Stenbakken, Director of Visit Greenland, says “Our partnership with Google has helped Greenland to be one of the first locations featured on this fascinating platform - this will help pique curiousity and foster understanding about Greenland in a completely new way.”


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Tuperna Rix, Asiaq:

Tanny Por, Visit