It may be your friend who has turned a great idea into a tourism product, and nobody knows it yet.

Or your local operator in Greenland who continues to provide stellar service to your guests year after year. You might even think others should know about the work you are doing! 

This year, in conjunction with the Towards More Tourism Conference in Greenland held in November, we will inaugurate the first travel industry awards to honour and recognise key players in our sector.

The Greenland Tourism award categories

There are three categories open for nomination:

  • The Greenland Tourism award
  • The Sustainability award
  • The Innovation award


The Greenland Tourism Award is the ultimate prize for a tourism operator who has performed outstandingly in one or more of the different areas: the adventure tourism sector, sustainability, quality, safety and good service. It is to say thank you to established companies for their significant contribution to Greenlandic tourism.

The Sustainability award pays respect to the need of Greenland to develop tourism sustainably. Reasons one could nominate include a good contribution to safety management, competence development, respect for culture and minimising impact on the environment.

The Innovation award provides an opportunity for an innovator with a new product, who has thought outside the box, to gain recognition for their concrete concept. This product may not be established yet but must be on its way to becoming a reality.


Gathering all tourism actors in Greenland


The Towards More Tourism conference, or TMT as it is known for short, is also the first gathering of its kind in many years. Hosted by Visit Greenland and Air Greenland, it is a conference for all Greenlandic tourism providers to come together and discuss issues that are pertinent to the country - something that doesn’t happen so often, considering how spread out communities in Greenland are.

There will be a mix of international and local speakers who will be presenting case studies. Natasha Martin, from Bannikin Asia, will be the keynote speaker, covering how to leverage the existing foundation to propel the industry to smart, sustainable growth - and looking at lessons learned from other adventure destinations. 

She says,

“Greenland's bold decision to reach adventure travellers through smart targeting and meaningful marketing has positioned it extremely well within the adventure tourism marketplace. I think the groundwork for sustainable growth and brand expansion has been laid. TMT is providing your industry with the forum to create collaborative solutions - and I am really looking forward to learning through this dialogue.”

Martin Sørensen, from Uummannaq Fjord Tours, will be participating as a delegate. He says,

“We've joined TMT to strengthen the network we already have in Uummannaq Fjord Tours while also hoping to find new tourism actors around the country we can network with.

Also, I hope we as tourism actors do not see each other as competitors, but also colleagues working together. The more we work together, the more tourists will come to us.

Martin will also be nominating Uummannaq Fjord Tours and other companies for the Greenland Tourism Awards.

“We are a relatively new company but we’ve received very happy feedback from customers, so we look forward to being considered for the Greenland Tourism awards. And when we nominate a company ourselves, what matters most is the unforgettable experience they give,” Sørensen says.

Nominate… even yourself!

Do you know who deserves recognition in the Greenlandic tourism industry? If you have someone in mind, you can do this by filling out this form by the 20th October 2018. So please, give someone the recognition they deserve - or you can even nominate yourself! You can write to: if you have any questions.

The award winners will be assessed by an independent panel of judges from Air Greenland, Visit Greenland and Greenland Business who know the Greenlandic tourism industry well.