For the last ten years, Julia Pars has been Director at Greenland’s national culture center, Katuaq, and she comes with relevant experience in both experience economy and leadership. Julia has an MBA from Henley Business School (UK) and is also a graduate in tourism economics. Julia has previously been influential in Greenland’s tourism industry as she worked in various positions at Greenland Tourism from 1992 to 2007, including Deputy Director.


Julia has in-depth knowledge of Greenland in its entirety. She is originally from Ilulissat but has lived in Nuuk for many years. Even though Julia has not been directly involved in tourism in the last ten years, she has closely followed the positive development of the industry and, not least, the development of the national brand, “Pioneering Nation”, which the previous Director, Anders Stenbakken, was at the forefront of.


Both the work with national and regional branding and the work with media and agents have been instrumental in putting Greenland on the map. A clear market segmentation model has defined our tourists as adventure travellers who come to Greenland to experience the unparalleled and wild nature combined with our unique culture. With tourism on the rise at the global level, it is all the more important for Greenland to continue to be able to give our guests exclusive cultural and nature-based experiences.


For Julia Pars, the brand is a solid foundation from which Visit Greenland can work in the coming years. But there will also be more focus on developing Greenland’s tourism industry in cooperation with the regions and local operators. If the industry should be as sustainable as possible, it is vital to aim at spreading tourism throughout the entire country and throughout the entire year. That way, local operators can live off of tourism for more than just the summer months, which is the high season for tourism in Greenland.


Visit Greenland’s Board of Directors looks forward to cooperating with Julia Pars to continue developing and marketing tourism in Greenland.


Questions may be sent to the Board of Directors Chairman, Kenneth Høegh.

Telephone: +299 56 56 04