Remember to keep up the momentum to close deals for the upcoming season. Think of the buyers you have just met as if they are shoppers in a mindset to buy something. They have just walked into your boutique with an open purse, ready to purchase, and perhaps they have even picked something out, but they just need your help for the final step.

 Don’t let them leave empty-handed.


Tasks to consider adding to the to-do list 

  • Write a follow-up mail to every single Buyer you met. It ensures they have your contact information because you never know, perhaps they lost your business card along the way.
  • Review your meeting notes and send the info you promised. Maybe it was a new photo of your camp you wanted them to see, or maybe you were going to send them some statistics about how many guests you welcomed last year. Whatever it was, if you said you would send it, make sure you do it.
  • Add relevant Buyers to your mailing list. If you have a mailing list or even just a Christmas greeting list, add your new relevant contacts to the distribution so they get updates from you automatically. This way you will stay top of mind the next time they’re considering who to partner with.