It is nothing new that the traveller of today is seeking authentic experiences. A generation ago, that probably meant visiting secluded native communities in the Amazon, but these days it simply means meeting real people and hearing their own personal stories. Why else would sharing economy giant AirBnB get into the experiences realm with a focus on learning from community leaders?


In Greenland, there is an uncanny amount of Greenlanders with fantastic experiences and talents to share. Some of them are already quite visible through, for example, owning their own boutique or being active on social media, but there are so many more flying under the radar and just waiting to be discovered.


The question is, are we taking enough advantage of the value locals give to tourism in Greenland?



International media come to Greenland looking for an off-the-beaten-track destination, but they also want untapped storylines and interviews so their piece is completely different from existing content.


In the foodie world, gastronomes already know about Sarfalik and Restaurant Ulo, but they rarely hear about the small cafe owners and individual chefs. So when A Brit and a Broad, video bloggers from the UK and Canada, wanted to profile food culture in their Nuuk episode, we thought instantly of Anne Nivíka Grødem, the Greenlandic Foodlover, for the magic she does with Greenlandic specialties, as well as for her friendly voice and cosy personality.


They loved her! Watch Anne Nivíka in action at minute 2:30 in A Brit and a Broad’s Travel in Nuuk, Greenland video that has been seen over 25000 times.



In December 2016, Visit Greenland pulled in Greenlandic makeup artist, Natascha Pedersen, to collaborate with a social media influencer, Sorelle Amore, who was in Greenland on a group press trip. Sorelle had a lot of ideas for a photo shoot she wanted to accomplish, and Natascha’s incredible creativity and openness were the perfect complement to bring them to reality.



At first thought, a makeup artist is not a top-of-mind tour guide, but when Natascha’s talent matches Sorelle’s interest, and as both women could take advantage of each other’s large social media following, the connection was an enriching one. Natascha was also able to share her first-hand perspective of growing up in Greenland which all the journalists highly appreciated.



Do you, or someone you know, love Greenland and what you do here? Do you want to share your story with travellers or visiting journalists so the world gets a very personal look at Greenland?

Please write to us at b2b@greenland.com and share your story!