In order to streamline your database user experience as much as possible we recommend creating a personal user account for Libris.

A user login gives you universal database access and is a one-time process much like signing up for Facebook or elsewhere online.

Create your user account here

Once you have created your account, you will receive a confirmation email to complete your registration. You are now ready to both search and download images from our archive. 

(If anyone else in your company or organization needs database access they will have to set up their own account unless you decide to use the same login credentials across your own user group).

When you use a personal/company login you will also have extended sharing rights and you can create and send personal compilations of images, so-called Lightboxes, to other users.

The new database is built around a number of folders named “Galleries”.

This is the home of all the Visit Greenland images in one continuous stream.

Things To Do
This collection of galleries is organized in the same way as we did with Flickr and much the same way that we do in the website main menu. Most B2B users will find that this is their go-to collection for browsing images.

This is a collection of galleries with subfolders for different places around the country. We only build folders for a place when we have enough images to collect them in one folder.

About Greenland
This collection of galleries mirrors the Flickr image organization and the main menu strcuture.

This new collection of galleries makes it possible to get an immediate overview of images from each photographer in the database. All of these images also live in relevant galleries under the Things to Do, Destinations, and About Greenland gallery collections.

This is a database folder without any image content, and, to avoid confusion, we expect it to be invisible for end users at some point in the future.

You will find the search function in the page header under “Search”.

Searches allow you to pinpoint images based on both keywords and other criteria. We recommend using the Keywords field, and you can consider it much like a Google free text search. For instance, if you write “Sisimiut” you will get all 300 or so images tagged with Sisimiut.

Or you can narrow the search and write “Sisimiut winter” and get a little less than 100 images.

As noted earlier, if you have not registered a Libris user account you will not be able to use the Search function to access image downloads. Unregistered users only have access to downloads through browsing (see more about this option below).

We continue to use the same two licensing terms which we have previously used on all our images, and to the left of each photo you can see the photographer name, the license type, and other relevant image terms and tags.

Please note the difference between the two licensing agreements. Unless you represent Greenland in a formal, non-commercial context you can normally only expect to be allowed to use the images under the “Limited Commercial License”.

All publicly available images on are downloadable and they all share one master password:


However, it is not possible for unregistered users to search and download images. For that you need to be logged in and registered (see above) - otherwise you only have download access if you navigate straight to an image through the database structure.

Please note that the password you chose for your user account is NOT the same as the universal download password. This means that if prompted for a download password inside the Libris database then that password is always VisitGreenland2015.

To register as a user you can use the Login button in the header menu or you can set up a user account when clicking the download link on an image in the database. Please note that creating a user account is not the same as setting up an actual Libris account which you would only do if you wanted to buy and build your own image database.

We know that a new database is bound to have a few bumps in the road that need smoothing out before everything just runs, so if you experience any challenges with downloads, user account set ups, or similar actions send us an email to and we will guide you through the process.

We hope you are able to put the new image database to good use.