The participants from Greenland

The first week of February saw the Mid-Atlantic tradeshow which is Icelandair’s slick, annual equivalent to the Vestnorden Travel Mart (VNTM), with which we are all familiar in Greenland. Delegates from Greenland included Arctic Wonderland Tour, Destination East Greenland, Destination South Greenland, Sermersooq Business Council, Hotel Icefiord, Greenland Travel, World of Greenland, Air Greenland and of course Visit Greenland.

The wide range of well chosen buyers meant that the tradeshow was a hive of activity and meetings on the day the tradeshow was held.

The buyers

Businesses also had opportunities to network with buyers at social events in addition to the 15 minutes that were allocated to meetings during the actual tradeshow.

Icelandair covers 39 destinations in North America and Europe. The event organisers therefore have a strong network and catchment area from which to invite and recruit travel agents. Buyers are even invited to Iceland more or less for free. Sellers also have a good deal with free connecting flights from the destinations the airline flies to. There was even a good showing at the Mid-Atlantic tradeshow from the Faroe Islands.

The advice from Visit Greenland is that you and your company can expect to get good value for money by attending the next Mid-Atlantic tradeshow which is to be held on 4th-7th February 2016.