A new advertising module will allow more flexibility in tailoring content.

More flexibility

80 % of people searching for information about Greenland visit Greenland.com, according to statistics. This creates a prime setting for advertising, especially as 26 % of those visitors are actually in purchasing mood.

In order to optimise investment opportunities, Visit Greenland is implementing a new advertising module allowing for more flexibility in tailoring content.

A trusted value for both local and international operators

Greenland.com has about 1.000,000 unique visitors a year, with this figure having grown by more than 55% between 2013 and 2014. Greenland.com offers significant advantages for both local operators and international agents as it bridges the consumers´s needs with a trusted partner of Greenland’s National Tourism Board. Our strong SEO and SEM puts Greenland.com and its partners on top of Google search with the main key words usually related to Greenland and Greenland tourism / adventure.

One of the most significant marketing tools available on Greenland.com is advertising, which offers our partners the opportunity to create more visibility for their companies and products. Advertising with our website is cost-efficient as it reaches a more targeted audience than traditional media, ensuring that your products and offers are seen by the most relevant market segment.

One of the most significant marketing tools available on Greenland.com is advertising.

Each one of our advertisers will receive a personal login and passwor.

New advertising module

The latest improvement in Visit Greenland’s marketing offering in 2015 is the introduction of a new advertising module on Greenland.com.

Each one of our advertisers will receive a personal login and password to access a platform where the partner has the freedom to add, change or delete any of his offerings.

This new system gives our partners more flexibility in adjusting the content they wish to promote and optimise the investment done with the advertising.


What are the advantages of advertising with greenland.com?

  • You have a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience than the one visiting your own website.
  • You can generate actual traffic to your own website via the links and the “Read More” button available on each ad thus having more visibility for your company and products.
  • You will get a wider geographical reach which will also allow you to take advantage of Greenland.com growth and expand your business.
  • It´s less expensive than traditional advertising mediums.
  • No rigorous payment or commitment as you have an affordable monthly fee and you only have to pay for the qualified clicks, leads or impressions for your ads.
  • We provide you automatically with monthly and quarterly reports about the performance of each one of your ads allowing you to track and adjust your marketing strategy.

Further information available

Information about advertising with Greenland.com and becoming a partner are available as an easy download from Visit Greenland Corporate site upon request.

Please send an email to advertising@greenland.com and you will receive our comprehensive information kit and the 2015 prices.