Need ideas for the free night? 

Need ideas for the free night? Or maybe you have a couple extra hours after picking up your badge, or on the morning of departure day? Whenever you find yourself with a little spare time during Vestnorden Travel Mart 2017, here are some top suggestions for experiences to squeeze in.

Soothe tense muscles with a swim

Sitting in an airplane plus being on your feet for several days can take its toll on your body. Relax with literally the most gorgeous view at Malik Swimming Hall, perfectly accessible by the public bus Route 1.

Practical info: Malik is open on Monday and Wednesday 6-8 and 10-16, on Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 and 10-21, on Friday 6-8 and 12-21, and on Saturday and Sunday 8-19. A one-time entry to Malik Swimming Hall costs 50 DKK, plus a refundable 20 DKK cash for a changing room locker. A ride on the bus costs 15 DKK cash, one-way. The bus schedule can be found here (in Greenlandic and Danish only). The stop outside the hotel is #26 and the stop at Malik is #47.

"Relax with literally the most gorgeous view at Malik Swimming Hall."

"A self-led walking tour mixed with photography."

Do the Nuuk Art Walk

A self-led walking tour mixed with photography that takes you to 16 designated stops in city center to see various works like this one, by Niels Motzfeldt. The three spires represent North Greenland, West Greenland and East Greenland, with stones collected from each of the three places. To guide you, you can choose either to read about the pieces with this brochure or to listen to the podcast version, downloadable here

Get a sinful coffee drink at Pascucci

This is one of the most popular cafes in town, so naturally it is a great spot for people-watching. Hopefully there will be good weather for sitting on the patio. But do NOT go there with a full stomach. Many of the coffee drinks are large and come piled high with whipped cream and other deliciousness. Not to mention, they serve food, too.

"This is one of the most popular cafes in town."

"Step into the bank foyer to take a visual trip around the country."

See a photography exhibit

Vagn Hansen, photographer and co-owner of the adventure tour company Qussuk Adventures (a VNTM supplier), is currently exhibiting a selection of his photos from all over Greenland at the Bank of Greenland. On weekdays from 9.30-15.30, step into the bank foyer to take a visual trip around the country. 

Pop into Qiviut Boutique

Walking into this shop on the pedestrian street is like falling into a big puff of muskox wool softness. Gorgeous handmade ponchos, scarves, head warmers, gloves and even baby clothes beg you to test how luxurious they feel against the skin. Take something home and you will be the warmest and most fashionable person on the block this winter. Pssst! Qiviut is offering 10% discount to all VNTM participants.

Don’t forget to catch Qiviut’s brand-new looks at the Colourful Nuuk Fashion Show on Tuesday 19 September at the GU Aula at 19.00.
Read more about the sustainable production of muskox wool products here.

"It's like falling into a big puff of muskox wool softness."

"Use the hashtags #GreenlandPioneer, #ColourfulNuuk and #vntm17"

Take yourself on an Instagram walk

If you have two legs and a smartphone, then you can lead your own Instagram walk! The route is entirely up to you, but if you need inspiration on where to go, check these 6 Instagram shots you must get in Nuuk.

Bonus: use the hashtags #GreenlandPioneer, #ColourfulNuuk and #vntm17, and you just might find yourself as a featured repost or the lucky winner of a free giveaway for Vestnorden Travel Mart participants.