Nuuk Fjord Adventure was a summer media trip targeted at individuals representing a broad spectrum of outlets in North America, Europe and Asia. There were Instagram influencers, bloggers and online media, who also created content for newspapers and travel websites.

The aim of the media trip was to showcase the best of soft and urban adventure in Nuuk and its surrounding fjords. The media tasted locally-produced Greenlandic food, visited museums and tried all sorts of outdoor experiences from sailing and hiking to fishing and staying overnight in a cabin.

Focus areas for Visit Greenland:

  • Promoting ‘cabin’ and ‘fjord’ activities
  • Creating drone footage of the fjords
  • Creating missing content on hand fishing
  • Providing a rounded cultural and historical experience
  • Getting the media in touch with locals
  • Giving visibility to local operators


  • This trip was in some ways a test, as there was a lot of free time incorporated into the itinerary. They were initially surprised with how much free time there was planned, but they used it to sleep, find their own stories, shoot and so on. This style of program was a bit more difficult for Visit Greenland to handle as it involved more on-the-spot planning and contact making, however the media were very happy with the free time. The feedback was that they were still so tired!
  • The food was surprisingly good and the journalists were overwhelmed by portion sizes. At Qooqqut Nuan, an Asian journalist said, “This is the best Thai I’ve had outside of Thailand!” 
  • Nuuk was referred to as a Arctic capital, a Reykjavik from 20 years ago, a place with a sense of community.
  • On being in nature, “Here, you can let your guard down, drink clean water, breathe clean air, body just slows down. Great selling point.