From 6-11 April, Visit Greenland and Air Iceland hosted three European social media influencers and one American travel company owner on a joint press / FAM trip in the Ammassalik district.


The theme of the trip was remote settlement adventure, which they absolutely got from the moment they landed in Kulusuk and witnessed the celebration of a newly hunted polar bear. They also drove by dog sled for several hours to spend a night in Tiilerilaaq, thus connecting this trip to the greater Tiilerilaaq development project between Sermersooq Kommune, Destination East Greenland, Visit Greenland and the local stakeholders.


Of course, it would not have been a true East Greenland adventure without a bit of exciting weather. Thick snow showers kept the group in Tasiilaq for an extra two days, and “getting lost in the white” was definitely the most challenging point of the trip.



What were the participants most impressed with?

  • Exploring Tiilerilaaq and knowing that it is a place that not many people have seen. They loved the opportunity to get a window into the local lifestyle, and actually wanted even more time there.


  • The entire experience of living at Hotel The Red House with “kind people, great food and super cool atmosphere”. Robert Peroni and his staff really took good care of them.


  • That despite its vicinity to Iceland, Greenland is not at all touristy like Iceland


Check this compilation of words the participants used to describe their experience.



Flight cancellations aside, the participants had just a few constructive comments about the experience. While they are in response to a trip in East Greenland, they could actually apply anywhere in Greenland.


  • Despite they were young and in good health, the snow and cold magnified the physical activity level. Any winter trip should be marketed as highly active.


  • Some of the meals required an adventurous and open palate. Tasting a small portion of seal, whale or polar bear is one thing, but having them as the main course is another. There should be a European main course as backup.


  • Dog sledding both ways between Tiilerilaaq and Tasiilaq was too long and too repetitive. Provide a variety of transportation methods to give as much diversity as possible.




Between the three social media influencers, they have already posted 42 photos from the trip, which received a total of 98.059 likes. See below for a selection of the photos taken directly from their Instagram feeds (note that a rogue non-Greenland photo may be visible).


But the benefits do not end there. They will, among other things, also share their photo content with Visit Greenland to leverage and make available on as well as write stories about their experiences to be published on One of them also created film and written content in Bulgarian, her native tongue. That was an interesting added-value, as Visit Greenland’s budget never could have supported a Bulgarian media on its own.


The tour company owner has seen enough to know he is interested to continue exploring Greenland to eventually promote it to his guests, but perhaps with a focus on the summer season instead.



Instagram photos from @patheight, Nikolaus Brinkmann: