It is an education that aligns with the overall Visit Greenland strategy of developing the tourism trade based on Greenland as being a distinct adventure destination.

In the summer of 2016 one could read the following from Campus Kujalleq; ”An education for those interested in working with tourists on longer trips in the mountains focusing on safety, knowledge, communication, service – all the things that encompass the good experience.”

During the training you will among other things work with the flora and fauna; the cultural landscape, guide techniques, first aid in the mountains (Wilderness First Responder), glacier hiking, English and cultural awareness.

The education is a combination of classroom teaching, lectures, workshops and workshop exercises on location. Approximately 20 % of the classes will – in cooperation with the Maritime School – be training to obtain a Certificate of Proficiency in order to sail a boat with a maximum of 12 passengers.

As seen In Iceland

The program is based on the Icelandic model and is created in dialogue with different Greenlandic tourism stakeholders. The new program is an alternative to the Arctic Guide program, which started in 2013. It is for people who want to help tourists on trips lasting over eight hours.

- Greenland meets all the international requirements for an adventure destination, says education director Rie Oldenburg.

- That is why a specific guide program is needed, one that focuses on being a guide in nature and on longer trips.

It contains lectures on flora and fauna and geology, adventure guide techniques, certificate of proficiency to sail boats carrying up to 12 passengers and advanced first aid training.

The outdoor elements of the education will take place in Ilulissat. After that the students will come to Campus Kujalleq in Qaqortoq.

The first class of 24 students comes from all over the country. They started the semi-annual program in Ilulissat, a course which finishes in December on Campus Kujalleq in Qaqortoq.


If you want to know more about the education or talk to a potential guide, please feel free to contact Campus Kujalleq and education director Rie Oldenburg on mail