Visually Attractive Call-to-action

First and foremost the landing page is more dynamic now. Where it used to be just one big photo, the landing page now features four images that all link to different articles on the website. The mouse-over function also serves to awaken the user’s curiosity as to what stories can be found on the site.

Content production is one of the most important focus areas that we work on partly to keep the website alive, but also in order to spread stories about Greenland all over the world and on all platforms. This is done in two ways: First, we have in-house employees who produce quality content, but in addition we also recruit external bloggers who are eager to share their experiences in Greenland with their readers.

The new landing page on makes it easier to find new content while inspiring you to spend a little more time on At the top of the page there is still a drop down menu with the most important information about travelling in Greenland.

#GreenlandPioneer Photos Are Now Showcased

If you scroll down on the new landing page there is a social feed. This feature is a mixture of posts shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #GreenlandPioneer. This means that everyone can create a post with the hashtag and be showcased with photo and text on the landing page of

The use of hashtags is an efficient way to generate attention about a destination. We have chosen the hashtag #GreenlandPioneer as it fits well with the brand ‘Be a pioneer’. It is not used in other contexts and it is easy to remember.

The social feed opens up for users to see pictures of the experiences of the locals or the travelers themselves in Greenland. At the same time it makes the visual impression of the front page more dynamic.

Try sharing a photo with the hashtag #GreenlandPioneer and see your image pop up in the social feed.

Your Own Content on the Landing Page

The landing page on gets 24.000 hits per month. With the new design you now have room to get your own content on the site and have it displayed on the landing page.

If you wish to inspire your costumers to purchase a package trip using more words and better visual material you now have the option to cooperate with Visit Greenland to create great content and have it displayed on the landing page. It is as simple as that.

If you have questions about advertising options on the front page, send us an email on For further information about the possibility of sponsored content, click here to learn more about prices.

An Advantage for All is the official national tourism site. Visit Greenland continually works to keep up with digital trends and develop functions in order to make the user experience as welcoming as possible. That is why it is important for us to think ahead: What are the needs of the users of today? The new landing page is trying to accommodate current needs and wishes from today’s users.