For some stakeholders, it was a record-breaking year. However, others encountered certain new challenges. Find out more about photo tourism, cruise tourism, the impact of Air Iceland flights on tourism in Greenland and other issues here.

Eastern Greenland:

Ittoqqortoormiit has seen an increase in the number of calls made by cruise ships as well as an increase in the number of dogsled tourists.

Tasiilaq is still seeing a continued increase in the number of tourists. This has encouraged local operators to develop and launch new products and services such as photo tourism. This has generated further employment.

Southern Greenland:

Nanortalik: 2014 was a quieter year for Nanortalik than 2013. This was not satisfactory. It should be emphasised that visits from cruise ships generated less income in 2014 than in 2013.

Qaqortoq (Hotel): The tourist season, which falls in June and July and which in past was moderately good, has recently been excellent. Not because the hotel has been receiving new guests but because the number of returning guests has increased.

Narsarsuaq: The situation in Narsarsuaq is much the same. However, Air Iceland has cut back on two flights.


Kangerlussuaq: The situation in Kangerlussuaq is also much the same. However, the town received a large number of enquiries that it was not able to handle due to a dearth in the number of suitably qualified guides.

Sisimiut: (Sirius Greenland) The 2014 season focussed on angling and went well. Our cruise business, which usually accounts for a sizeable portion of the boat trips we sell, has only been half of what it was in 2013. What marked out 2014 was that our core products – fishing trips and mini cruises which we sell via hotels and travel agencies – held their own.

Sisimiut Hotel: Overall, business in 2014 was much the same as it was in 2013.   


Ilulissat (Hotel Arctic): 2014 was the best year in terms of the number of tourist days. We also expect to see a moderate increase in 2015. Moreover, the number of overnight tourists over a five year period (between 2011 and 2014) has increased with 45 % more tourist days.  

Ilulissat (Tourist Nature): 2013 and 2014 were almost the same for us. Perhaps we received 200-250 more people in 2014 than we did in 2013.

Ilulissat (WOG): World of Greenland has also had a really good season and has seen a 15% growth in turnover. The peak season mainly accounts for this growth.

Ilulissat (Hotel Avannaa): In 2014, business turnover was up by about 3-4% on 2013. We have seen an increase in the number of single tourists and a drop in the number of group tours. There has been an increase in the number of visitors coming via Iceland and from countries outside Europe, particularly from Asia but also from countries like Australia.    

Grønlands Rejsebureau [Greenland Travel]: Grønlands Rejsebureau [Greenland Travel] had a good season in 2014 both in terms of that part of the business that relates to tourism and that part of the business that relates to business travel. Both businesses have seen a growth in turnover. 2014 saw a 15% increase in the tourist segment. This growth mainly comes from markets outside Denmark. We have also seen growth in the spring and autumn seasons.