Nurturing growth

Visit Greenland and Air Greenland have a huge interest in nurturing the growth of tourism. Therefore, they are proud to be the key organisers behind Greenland’s first national tourism conference in many years. Focusing completely on travel trade, this conference will be held in Nuuk from the 5 - 8 November 2018, and will bring together all stakeholders across our diverse land to discuss three core topics: responsible tourism, innovation and growth.

All local stakeholders invited

From the solo business owner to government officials in the Department of Industry and Energy, all local stakeholders across the country are invited to attend and discuss key tourism issues. The conference will be held in Greenlandic, Danish and English and will be translated according to requirements. A select group of international stakeholders will also be invited as participants.

Learning from international and domestic case studies

Key speakers from Greenlandic companies and organisations will present and run workshops at TMT covering relevant current topics such as high tourism numbers and growth, local sustainability, and innovation. Local tour operators will also present case studies, for example, for luxury tourism (Greenland Extreme) and niche tourism (Greenland Cruises).

There will also be an international flavour! We are excited to present the keynote speaker, Natasha Martin, Managing Director of Bannikin Asia, who has previously consulted in destinations such as Greenland, Namibia and Asia. She will be using Greenland as a case study for Adventure Tourism. Other interesting case studies include Keilir University’s tourism education and how to maximise UNESCO world heritage recognition in Thingvellir, Iceland. In total there will be 4 keynotes and 12 workshops.

Cooperating for more tourism

Visit Greenland and Air Greenland cooperate on a number of different levels to develop the market and promote Greenland internationally. The two companies contribute to a combined fund, that is used to sponsor agents and media to Greenland - because the best way to understand Greenland is to visit it yourself. In addition, Visit Greenland and Air Greenland work together on aligned multimedia content initiatives.

To round this external work off, the TMT conference is the initiative that focuses on local development, which is very important for both Visit Greenland and Air Greenland.

Focusing on local development

The Towards More Tourism conference responds to the fact that local tourism stakeholders need to continually improve their products, quality and safety standards as demand for tourism in Greenland increases.  

Jacob Nitter Sørensen, CEO of Air Greenland, is proud to be part of developing tourism.
“Air Greenland plays an integral role for tourism in our country. We have a diverse fleet that caters for a variety of needs within Arctic tourism, exploration, and transportation. Air Greenland sees growth potential in tourism, and we take pride in flying passengers to the most popular and remote parts of Greenland. This is why we are co-organiser for this key event for tourism development.”

Julia Pars, Visit Greenland’s Managing Director, says,
“We would like this conference to be a meeting point for tourism actors in Greenland, for them to give important recommendations for developing tourism in our country. Therefore, we would like all at the conference to contribute to 10 points that will help to develop tourism responsibly, which we can pass onwards to our political decision makers. Together we believe, that we can make Greenland an even stronger tourism destination.”