Please, credit the photographer

Visit Greenland believes in branding Greenland using attractive and current photos, just as we appreciate that other companies, media and institutions make use of the images from Libris in their own materials. Even though the images themselves are free, the rights belong to the respective photographers. In order for us to continue to offer free photos and video it is essential that you always remember to credit the photographer when using his or her images.


This is an example of what a correct photo credit could look like:


This is an example of how a lack of photo credit might look:


In each image on Libris, one will find the name of the photographer at the right of the photo in the text box. The image license can also be found in this box by clicking “Download the agreement here:”

Read the license agreement here. That is our guideline for using photo credits correctly and it gives an overview of what one must use the photos for as the end-user. Crediting the photographer is a prerequisite for everyone using the photographs. In other words one must visibly and clearly credit the photographer of all the photos one uses whether it would be in print or online. A credit mentions the photographer or creator and Visit Greenland. The images must not be sold or distributed to any third parties in any way, shape or form.


Do not violate the Terms of Use

In case of a violation of the license or if appropriate crediting is not enforced when using Visit Greenland’s images from Libris there may be financial consequences as the photographer could send an invoice to the end-user. In case of improper use of the images or videos any claims from the photographer are extraneous to Visit Greenland. 

Visit Greenland thus encourages the end-users of Libris to write when in doubt of how to properly use photo credits. Better safe than sorry. Let us promote Greenland together while using appropriate photo credits.

The link to the photo database of Visit Greenland can be found here.

You can find guidelines on how to create a user profile and how to use Libris here.