VNTM 2014 evaluation feedback

Vestnorden Travel Mart is probably the most important annual B2B trade fair for many tourism businesses in Greenland, however it’s not a secret that VNTM 2014 left many participants with wanting more.

40% of the respondents (Greenlandic and Danish buyers/exhibitors) who replied to a Visit Greenland survey rated the event as “did not meet expectations”, mainly due to the unbalanced ratio between buyers and exhibitors.

This is an important challenge that needs to be addressed for the future. However at VNTM 2014, agents for Greenland were able to find out more about the new website, and new free promotion tools available for all. 

NATA and the revitalisation process

This year´s event saw that ratio peak to more than 2,5 exhibitors per one buyer, leaving many exhibitors with limited chances to meet with potential buyers. Furthermore, the quality of the selected participants was also an issue for most of the regular attendees.

The North Atlantic Tourism Association board is aware of the challenges faced by Vestnorden Travel Mart. In the next board meeting, a new strategy for the VNTM revitalisation process will be discussed and new goals will be set for future events.

There will be a stricter process when selecting the participants, reducing the gap between buyers and exhibitors ratio as well as focusing on key markets.

Visit Greenland and Vestnorden Travel Mart

On a positive note, this year´s Vestnorden Travel Mart’s major improvement was the opening of B2B meetings between exhibitors, thus compensating for the huge gap in buyers - exhibitors ratio.

These meetings gave Visit Greenland the opportunity to touch base with Greenlandic, Danish and Icelandic operators, key partners in Greenland tourism development.

New website, new promotion tools

Vestnorden Travel Mart was a good forum to present with its many new functionalities and promotion tools to agents and partners. These tools were especially developed to answer some of the industry´s needs when it comes to marketing Greenland and its related products.

Among these new promotional tools, Visit Greenland presented its new and free-of-charge content bundle option. Agents have now the possibility to sign-up for free marketing content including photos, texts and videos related to products, regions, cities or market segments.

This content will be delivered throughout the year and is meant to facilitate the creation and spread of relevant marketing content. The texts, photos and videos can be used in any marketing project linked to promoting Greenland and / or related tourism products in newsletters, brochures or websites.

Unique visibility opportunities

Beside the many free content and tools provided by Visit Greenland, the new offers new visibiity opportunities through its unique advertising opportunities.

With over 80,000 unique visitors a month, has an important place to play in promoting and pushing relevant content to a highly interested consumer target.

People visiting have an interest in the country and are eager to receive information and offers. This new marketing opportunity was understood by the VNTM participants dealing with Greenland. The B2B meetings increased our advertising sales by 60 %.

The new is constantly optimised to offer our operators and partners the best visibility opportunities possible. Follow-up meetings, reports and evaluation will be implemented to ensure that our services and offers always answer your needs.

If you wish to receive our free-of-charge promotion tools guide, or sign up to receive free content or take part in our advertising opportunities, please contact