The launch of Visit Greenland’s new website is another step forward for tourism in Greenland. In today’s digital age, ‘less is more’ - at least if the product is good. This mantra has been incorporated into Visit Greenland’s overall content strategy, which includes the newly launched website. The website is ready in time for Vestnorden Travel Mart, which Greenland is hosting this year from 18-21 September. contains fewer pages than ever before. However, there is focus on high quality content, user experience and inspiration. All this good quality will help with search engine positioning of on Google.


Helpful and inspirational

“These days, good-enough content is not enough anymore, so we try to put ourselves in our visitors’ shoes and find the answer to the most important questions that they ask,” says Visit Greenland’s digital strategist Filip Gielda.


Some of the points that the website addresses include: 

  • What information gaps need to be filled in Greenland? (be helpful)
  • How can the relevant value propositions be displayed effectively? (great user experience)
  • What makes visitors fall in love with Greenland and want to travel here? (be inspirational)
  • How can we engage visitors to interact with our content and elements of the website? (be playful)


Some of the points that the website addresses include: 

  • Simplified navigation, natural “customer journey” and refreshed mobile version
  • Parallax scroll website to reflect the most advanced website format
  • Advanced search functions with content tags, which can correct wrongly-spelled input
  • Spotlight on traveller stories, lists and experience-based articles
  • Targeted advertising


However, there is always more work to be done. Even though the website is launched, there will be continual work focusing on how the website can be optimised to be even more ‘helpful’ for tourists. The next step will be to become even more relevant by focusing on usability testing and continuous improvement.


New Name

It can also be noted that Visit Greenland’s website has shifted over to a new name, which reflects that it is an official tourist website within the sector. This gives the website more credibility so that users can trust the information that is provided.

Written by: Tanny Por - 00299 562341

Questions: Filip Gielda - 0045 41319947