In Visit Greenland we create our own online content, but we also want to show what tourists and visiting media are experiencing in, and producing about, Greenland. This article will focus on our work with external content on our own social media platforms.


User Generated Content

With a social media term, this article is about User Generated Content (UGC). That is, all kinds of online content (i.e. blogs, pictures, videos, etc.) that is created by users and shared on any social media platform.

For both the content creator and, in this case Visit Greenland, the use of UGC is for mutual promotion: as an influencer showing valuable content that promotes his/her work, and as a brand in establishing and promoting one’s product.

With a social media term, this article is about User Generated Content (UGC)

"Every stakeholder in the hospitality realm can tap into the potential stemming from photos and videos shared online”.

The framework: company Hashtags

If your product is good, people are usually more than happy to share their experiences with your product. Having a company hashtag enables users to voice their opinion and experiences while making sure they are heard and seen. A company hashtag can be the way in which you lay down the framework for your brand’s presence on Social Media. It’s a virtual platform for your customers to share their experiences - and for you to show your presence and interact with them. When you share your customer’s post you promote the user as well as your own brand.

See below how Visit Greenland informs Instagram users of their company hashtags and that using these hashtags gives us a hashtag-permission for us to share their content:

Multiple voices

In Visit Greenland we aim to be active and visible on social media. We’re highly interested in seeing and sharing what visitors are experiencing in Greenland!

Although we do create our own content and aim to show a diverse and inspiring Greenland, we cannot overlook that using UGC gives Visit Greenland a unique diversity on our social media platforms. It’s using multiple voices to showcase a rounded picture of what Greenland has to offer visitors - and not just using our own voice.

"Consider that 92% of consumers trust online content from friends and family above all other forms of brand messages"


Greenland is growing as a tourism destination

Sponsored UGC

As you can understand, it’s important for Visit Greenland to collaborate with external content creators in showing what, how and when Greenland can be visited and explored. Greenland is growing as a tourism destination and we want potential travelers to know what Greenland has to offer. Since Greenland is still such a small fish in the sea, we do not have a large budget, and we don’t sponsor features on our social media platforms. We do features for mutual promotion.

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