Hurry! There is only a short time left to make the early registration deadline on 15 June and from there, the price only goes up. Who wants to pay more when you could pay less?



Are you a buyer? One of your top reasons to attend Vestnorden Travel Mart is to experience the destinations firsthand through pre-tours, post-tours and Colourful Nuuk Adventures. In Greenland there are 5 different pre-tours to choose from, all of which are discounted by 70-80%. That is a deal nobody can refuse. Read more about them here.

Are you a supplier? This is your chance to meet travel specialists from around the world who are guaranteed to be interested in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland, and whose clients are exactly the type of travellers you seek - whether that is outdoor adventurers, high end clients or special interest adventurers. There are already 54 buyer organisations registered from 20 different countries.



Going somewhere to be moved, inspired and changed is the new travel trend. At Vestnorden Travel Mart 2017, you can learn how to incorporate this trend into your offers to create even more business.

This year’s keynote speech will be made by Jake Haupert and Michael Bennett, Ed.D., two of the founding members of the Transformational Travel Collaborative (TTC). They will inspire you think about the power and purpose of travel in a brand new way.

Hopefully you yourselves will get an experience during your travels in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland that is equally as transformative for you as it will be for your guests.

Read more about transformational travel and the TTC here.