Should I put my marketing dollars into sponsoring media?

You’re busy running operations and there’s no time to think about much else besides your core business. Certainly not publicity. But then someone from Visit Greenland, or elsewhere, asks if you want to participate in a media familiarisation trip (or in tourism management lingo, a FAM trip). Pretty much, what you hear is, “Do they want me to give yet another experience for free again?”


We’ve heard your questions and concerns and we wanted to address why we think it would benefit you to invest money into media FAM trips. Besides having a good quality product, it is important that your potential clients know what you have to offer. Publicity through media is one of the assets in the marketing toolbox worth considering.


Why do we invite media to Greenland?

You can spend all of your time telling others about how wonderful Greenland is, but nothing beats visiting the country itself.


Visit Greenland, in partnership with Air Greenland, spends a substantial part of its budget inviting chosen media to specific regions. This is in order to widen the knowledge and understanding of the country. Where possible, we do this with the support of our destination partners and local operators.

Help us help you

It is important for you to tell us what type of guests you would like to book your product and if you see a growth in particular market. We can use this knowledge to help connect you with the right media and international agents.

Media are invited to Greenland because:

  • They spread the authoritative word about our destination.
    Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of persuasion, and media are usually picked because they have a followership. These media can influence others’ ideas - and even actions!

  • They bring focus on you to the masses.
    Each media comes with a different audience set. Some might have a very wide reach via a famous outlet such as National Geographic or CNN, whereas other media might have smaller but more niche audiences. The more positive exposure, the more likely a tourist will consider a visit to Greenland.

  • There is a possibility to get on-the-spot feedback.
    In order to know how to improve or test your product, it is essential to get feedback. Tourism media usually have a lot of knowledge about the latest trends and standards in the industry, and perhaps this knowledge can help you too. Visit Greenland can facilitate this feedback for you, especially if you are trying out something new.


In summary, the more people we bring to Greenland, the more ambassadors there are beyond our borders!


How media works

Visit Greenland supports many different types of media. The lines blur quite often, but the PR team at Visit Greenland have two main classifications:


Established media

Most people know this type of media and recognise its name. They can be TV channels, film crews or print mediums such as newspapers or magazines, but these days many outlets also have websites and social media channels. These could be something specific to a country such as Politiken in Denmark, or worldwide media such as CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post or even Lonely Planet.


You usually love to get this type of media covering your offering because they are a respectable outlet with wide reach. You potentially get a lot of exposure, which could in turn lead to more bookings.


Non-traditional media

The marketing world has diversified a lot since the rise of social media and the world wide web. Non traditional media covers everything from bloggers to social media influencers to Youtube stars. They are powerful because people follow and trust these personalities or brands, sometimes almost ideologically.


The most popular of this type of media can be just as or even more influential than established media. Some Youtube channels are as popular as TV channels now with millions of followers. A successful instagrammer, for example, might charge thousands of dollars for a featured post!


Delivery timelines

Different media have varying timelines regarding production and publication. You can expect to wait awhile for the delivery of some content! Here is an overview of some of the different types of media:


Social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - this is the generation of media that provides instant gratification, especially if it is live video! A social media influencer coming on a FAM trip usually has followers who are loyal and engaged and you can therefore benefit from their fan base. Know however, that while some might post immediately while on location, others might prefer to just enjoy the experience and process their content later.


You might find it interesting that Visit Greenland tends to only work with photographers who have a decent fan base who also agree to deliver photos to Greenland’s most comprehensive photo database, thereby increasing the value of a person’s visit!


Tip: When you meet social media influencers, follow the outlets’ social media platform in order to see what they post and how often. This way if they do happen to mention you in a post, you will be able to monitor how many engage with your own platform in the form of follows or likes. This allows you to continue marketing to this audience later on, and even interact with them if you choose to.


Online media

Online media can publish relatively immediately, especially if it is a solo blogger who is in charge of creating content. If it is a larger media, for example, National Geographic, it might take awhile to get out. For example, National Geographic writer Andrew Evans published a piece on Greenland six months after he visited Greenland for the Arctic Winter Games 2016.


Tip: When working with online media, make sure to ask that they link their piece to your website. This will help with boosting your Search Engine rankings, because it is relevant content they are creating about Greenland.


Print media

Magazines and newspapers usually plan their editorial quite far in advance and they have a world of deadlines to abide by. Print media may take awhile to be published, or it might come out in the next month - it all depends on the publication and where it fits into their editorial timeline.


Tip: Do you know what type of media your customers read or are excited by? Why don’t you ask them next time you’re out with them?


Film crews

It can take a long time to create a good show. From individual Youtube bloggers to 9-person television production teams, there are so many different types of film crews out there! Most media have a particular format that they follow, but there is usually always space within the format to showcase a ‘unique’ side of Greenland. One example is House Hunters International, who travelled to Greenland to film a few years ago. They specifically timed their Greenland episode so that it could be a season highlight. It took 7 months from production to publication, but on the other hand, there have been reruns every year since all over the world!


Tip: When you work with your next film crew, ask them when they expect their show to be released. This helps to manage expectations.


The bottom line?

As you can read from the above, there are many different types of media, with different purposes and functions. Visit Greenland relies on its local partners, you, to successfully create a media familiarisation trip. Together we can create a rounded and effective FAM trip which showcases what your region has to offer.


This will help to generate further publicity and interest for tourism in Greenland.


Do you have any questions or feedback? Write to Tanny at



A primary role for Visit Greenland is to help your business grow through connecting your product to the right people.


  1. We inspire tourists directly, creating content such as articles, video and images that consumers want to know about and be inspired about.

  2. We try to connect you with international agents who might fit your business. These agents have clients who are interested in your particular product.

  3. We invite media from relevant markets to visit Greenland.