As an emerging tourism destination finding its place amongst other Arctic lands and bucket list contenders, Greenland relies heavily on cooperation with international travel media to show the world about visiting Greenland.



Visit Greenland seeks partnerships with journalists, bloggers, and videographers who have good reputations and far reach, and whose audiences align with our prioritized markets of North America, Western Europe, Scandinavia, and to some extent, Asia. We work with both freelancers and those with dedicated media outlets, as well as those who specialize in social media.

Visit Greenland aims to boost content creation in online, print, and social media outlets. At this time, we are typically unable to financially support television and radio media.

The ideal press team will have no more than 1 or 2 persons, both of whom should have a central function to the trip and post-production. For example, photography models will not be sponsored. We aim to send media on individual trips, as opposed to combining you with a handful of other media who are fighting to get the same story.

The exception is when we want to promote a new product or destination. In that case, we often add media to a familiarization trip for tour operators to help document the proposed new experience and to create new content about it already from the earliest stages.

While photographers with a proven ability to create publicity in highly-valued travel media outlets may be considered for partnerships, Visit Greenland is typically unable to support standalone photography assignments, as we already have our own in-house photographer. See below for social media.



Visit Greenland does collaborate with photographers with considerable social media influence and will engage in mutual promotion in the form of featured spots or takeovers through our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter channels. If you have booked your ticket to Greenland, please do get in touch with us before you arrive and we may offer support in the form of advice and excursions.

We are looking for images and content that show potential Greenland travellers what, when and how they can experience our country. Personal adventure stories are always welcome, but we are also looking for varied content that will showcase culture, adventure, nature and special interest.   

Regarding featuring user-generated content, we agree with the social media influencer regarding when to feature their content. The content creator will provide a minimum of ten different images with captions of about 30 - 50 words for perusal and selection. At least one photo should include an image and bio of the content creator. Visit Greenland will post the images, but the content creator is encouraged to monitor the channel that week.



Visit Greenland wants your help to tell the story of Greenland’s timeless themes regarding the Pioneering Nation, Big Arctic Five, and being an adventure destination.

We also want your help to spread the latest news about trending experiences in Greenland like new lodges, photography tours, farm stays, gastronomy, and microbreweries.

In addition to publishing content in your own outlets, Visit Greenland will prioritise journalists who offer unique content that we can use in our own channels, for example an article for our website or a selection of photographs we can license for third-party use, without fee, from photographers/photojournalists.



As the national tourist board, Visit Greenland has the ability to provide some financial support for media. However, as we are a government-owned organization with a limited budget to work with each year, it is not possible for us to provide a 100% fully-supported press trip.

Financial support from Visit Greenland may come in the form of international flights from Copenhagen or Reykjavík, our two connection hubs, or it might come in the form of domestic flights and accommodation. Other times, we might sponsor a day excursion or experience. All financial support is determined on an individual basis.

If you are seeking financial support from Visit Greenland, we request that all media please fill out this Media Request Form.



Visit Greenland offers media access to a robust photo and video database, most of which is created by our own in-house photographer or through very close cooperation with an international production team.

Visit Greenland makes all of the content available for you to use without any fees. We simply ask that you abide by the licensing rules associated with each photograph or film, and that you credit properly.

Check out for links to our various content databases.



If you are a journalist, blogger, videographer, or social media influencer seeking financial support from Visit Greenland, we request that all media please fill out this Media Request Form.

If you have a non-sponsorship inquiry about social media and Greenland, please write to

For all other non-sponsorship inquiries, please write to