Visit Greenland is transforming how it delivers travel information to international agents that promote Greenland.

To supplement as a source of inspiration and information about Greenland, we are now presenting our Online Courses films, a captivating mix of a live video host, animated maps and stunning photographs & films. The hope is that these courses will make you into an expert ambassador for travel in Greenland.

The first course, Greenland 101, is fresh out of the editing studio and available now; You can watch it, or the teaser below.



The Online Courses are conceptualised to be an expanding series which build on each other.

Greenland 101 - foundational introduction about why travelers dream of Greenland, what to do in Greenland, how to get there, what to pack, FAQs

Greenland 102 - expansion on how to create itineraries with specific motivations and experiences as the starting point, such as hiking or immersing in local culture

Greenland 201 - foundational introduction about market segmentation in Greenland

Greenland 202 - expansion on how to identify which market segments your clients belong to, and itinerary suggestions specifically for their segment

Greenland 301 - foundational introduction about the present cruise industry in Greenland

Greenland 302 - expansion on how to develop sustainable cruise tourism in the future through, for example, land-based add-ons



Watch Greenland 101 now by clicking on the film below, or watch it later by opening the film and clicking Download.


The teaser

Greenland 101 Teaser

Greenland 101

Greenland 101