Tourism in Greenland is changing. Over the last few years, new flight routes from Iceland have made Greenland significantly more accessible as a tourist destination. This has meant more tourists from new markets.

A relevant question is whether our marketing and products are ready for these new customers. Who are the new customers?What experiences are they looking for? How can we offer these experiences today?

We need to find the answers to such questions. We need to understand what it is that motivates tourists to come to Greenland so that we can provide them with the experiences they are looking for.    

In the summer of 2012, Visit Greenland began the groundwork which aimed to identify and describe the tourists’ behaviour and motives for choosing Greenland as a travel destination. We conducted face-to-face interviews with tourists at all travel destinations in Greenland in the peak and shoulder seasons. These interviews have been conducted several times, with the latest batch of 292 interviews conducted during July-August 2017.

Based on the similarities and differences in their responses, we divided respondents into different interest groups / segments. The interviews were carried out on a regular basis at all destinations in Greenland in the peak and shoulder seasons.


Visit Greenland presents a new tool that teaches about the 11 market segments in Greenland. International partners can learn how to identify their clients as these types of tourists and learn how to tailor marketing content directly for their segment.


Download a PDF of Segment descriptions here; "Tourists in Greenland".

The basis for the segmentation work is that people do not travel to Greenland because they are of a certain age, have a particular occupation or live in a particular location. What the tourists are interested in and what their level of engagement is – so-called psychographic segmentation – are what determine the tourists’ choice of travel destination.

The tourists that choose Greenland as a travel destination do not share the same holiday dreams. An enhanced understanding of the type of experiences of Greenland that the various tourist segments are looking for is the basis for more effective targeting of sales and marketing work and for making any product adjustments and developments.

All other things being equal, it is easier to develop effective sales material (in terms of choice of language, pictures and layout), if you know the customer groups and the holiday dreams underlying choice of destination. We need to know what motivates tourists to travel to Greenland, what they generally want to experience and not least how they want to experience it.   
The large amount of data that the respondents gave has subsequently been analysed for similarities and differences in terms of motives and behaviour.   This analysis is the basis for dividing the tourist market into 11 segments – 11 different types of tourist that have visited destinations in Greenland. sets out the results for the interests and behaviour of the respondents and divides these on a percentage basis for each of the destinations.

The segment overview identifies two main characteristics that describe the various types of tourists:

1. The tourists’ areas of interest (which categorise the segments into main areas of interest) are split into the following categories: Culture, Culture & Nature, Nature and Special Interests.

2. The tourists’ level of interaction (which again divides the segments according to how they want to experience their interests) identifies the following three types of tourist: the tourist that likes to observe, the tourist that likes to interact and the tourist that likes to get fully involved and immersed.

Visit for statistics and information on segments in Greenland.

Download the "Visitor Survey Report" pdf

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Download the "Tourists in Greenland" pdf

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